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  Prees has several Soccer Teams for various ages as listed below.
If you would like to join any of the teams please contact us.


For details of adult fixtures click here  

Adult Team

Prees United FC

    Play in West Mercia Saturday Football League
Dan Blackhurst     07854 139683


Go to Prees Junior Football website


Prees Club FC (FA Chartered Standard Club)

   Prees Juniors play in Shropshire Junior Sunday Football League

   Committee:  President                                   
Jake Maddox            01948 840652
Mark Perkins             01948 880045
                       Kris Morris                 07815787245
                         Treasurer:                                   Jane Perkins             01948 880045
                         Welfare Officer:                          Kris Morris                 
                         Committee members:                Val Finch                     
                                                                             Brendan McDermott              07971866043

  Visit Prees Junior Football website  


  Boys Teams Manager/Assistant  
Creche age 4 - 7 Declan Austin  
  George Williams  
  James Brammaer  
U8 Wildcats Declan Austin  
  Lian Eaton  
U9 Tigers Dan Williams  
  Gary Wharton  
U10 Tigers Mike Sheldon  
  Neil Sylvester  
U10 Pumas Simon Parr  
  Toni Ashton  
U11 Sabres Tim Bowen  
  Chris Heath  
U12 Sabres Dan Nolan  
  Stephen Jackson  
U13 Panthers Gary Foster  
  William Evans  
U14 Predators Mark Perkins  
  Phil Maddocks  
U15 Panthers Scott Jenkins  
  Donna Eberle  
U16 Prees Juniors Paul Brown  
  Paul Butler  
        Girls Teams Manager/Assistant  
        U8 Kittens Tim Davies  
        U10 Juniors Alan Groom  
          Kris Morris  
        U12 Juniors Neil Homer  
          Jack Reynolds  
        U14 Juniors Chris Walley  
          Simon Boden  


Prees Cricket and Recreation Club has been chosen as the location for the new Shrewsbury Town Football Club Development Centre.

Its aim is to help develop football players between the ages of 5 and 13 across North Shropshire and bridge the gaps between grassroots football and academy level.



The Official opening on Saturday 15th June 2013